Ep. 06 | The Ceremony

In our final episode we’ll talk about commitment, to a country and a choice of life. For many people it’s through the citizenship ceremony that the journey towards full integration happens. However, over the past few years citizenship has become not just a choice but also a necessity for many Europeans in order to keep their rights. In the UK, this journey is particularly long, complex, expensive and solemn. You’ll find out through the diary of Cecilia’s ceremony and the testimonies of many Europeans who have chosen the path of naturalisation.



by Cecilia Gragnani

LONDON EXPAT is the comic story of the encounter between a modern migrant and London – a contemporary El Dorado for young Italians and Europeans. The podcast explores the long road to becoming a British citizen, embracing a new nationality whilst staying true to your roots, and the existential crisis that your identity faces when no country claims you as their own. Performer & British citizen Cecilia Gragnani, with the help of journalist Gabriele Carrer, will share what life in the UK looks like in Brexit times, as the European dream of life across borders slowly drifts away. In her exploration Cecilia interacts with the spirit of London, interpreted by the Drag Queen Jonny Woo, and uses as a guideline the book “Life in the UK”, a compulsory read for aspiring citizens but little known even by the native English people. The story is accompanied by direct testimonies of many expats who have tried, have succeeded or have given up.

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