Ep. 8 | Agenzia letteraria – ENG

What does the work of a literary agent involve? How come the number of literary agencies in Italy has multiplied in recent years? And what changes are underway?
Leafing through the letters of Alfabeto Italiano, the page opens at the letter A: A as in Agenzìa, Agenzìa letteraria, literary agency in English, the word on which we alight on this stage of our journey into Italian publishing – a word that in Italy seemed almost exotic not very long ago.

With Marco Vigevani and Fiammetta Biancatelli

Progetto senza titolo (99)


Of Maria Teresa Carbone

A production of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and storielibere.fm, in collaboration with cultural association Monteverdelegge

How does the world of books operate today? What does the work of a publishing house consist of? And how do Italian publishers look abroad? Alfabeto Italiano, the podcast made by Storielibere for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, tells the story of publishing in Italy in 24 words, from A to Z. This journey to discovery the passionate work hidden behind every book is conducted by Maria Teresa Carbone, author, journalist and translator, who meets the heads of publishing houses, booksellers and communicators, graphic designers and translators, teachers and illustrators: an ideal journey towards two events where Italians will be to the fore, the Salon du Livre de Paris 2023 and the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2024.

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