A production of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and storielibere.fm, in collaboration with cultural association Monteverdelegge What is the relationship between reading and leisure time? In what way do books help us to pursue our hobbies and give us the tools to practise them better? And, above all, in an era when we have the impression that we can find the answer to everything on the internet, is there still any point in turning to the written page to find suggestions and information on a certain recipe of Japanese cuisine, on the model car that we need to complete our collection or on the cycle trails we would like to travel along on our next holidays? Leafing through the letters of Alfabeto italiano, the page opens at the letter H: H for Hobby, the word on which we alight on for this stage of our journey through Italian publishing. A modern word? Actually, in Italy, the word hobby has only been used for a few decades, roughly since the middle of the twentieth century but, behind this term, there is a long history. With Giusy Marzano and Andrea Palombi