A production of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and storielibere.fm, in partnership with cultural association Monteverdelegge How does the world’s most important professional event for children’s publishing, the Children’s Book Fair, held every spring in Bologna, work? How important is the segment dedicated to younger readers within the Italian publishing market? And, above all, is it possible to identify a specific feature that characterises children’s books? Leafing through the letters of Alfabeto italiano, the page opens at the letter B: B for Bambini, Children in English, the word on which we alight for this stage of our journey through Italian publishing. And what an important word it is! Because thinking about children means thinking about the future, imagining how the world will be in twenty or thirty years. With Elena Pasoli (Bologna Children's Book Fair) and Fausta Orecchio (Orecchio Acerbo).